En Dining

Whenever you go to a Japanese restaurant you have to consider two criteria. Place must be flooded with people (this shows that the sushi is fresh) and price must be reasonable. The ambience of this restaurant is pretty much like any ordinary restaurant however its pretty unique because this restaurant in Senayan City has an iconic shape of building. Its like a triangular glass cone. The place or is also filled with red velvety seats and normal tables from wood which I think is very unique for a Japanese restaurant.

I think the place is very consistent in terms of their food and its more to Japanese semi-fine dining. However if you just want to chill, they have this happy hour where you can buy the honey bread for 35% less. I love going there just to get the honey bread and this place pretty much satisfies my belly.

This is one of my favorite place to actually hang out and I’ve been going here for so many years consecutively.


Honey Bread- (Picture taken from: http://s3.amazonaws.com/foodspotting-ec2/reviews/2556026/thumb_600.jpg?1350015967).

*Haha forgive me, I had this picture somewhere in my camera but somehow I lost it.

Average Spending: One bowl will cost you around Rp. 150,000-200,000.
Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆

En Dining
Senayan City
Crystal Lagoon Area LG Floor
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 7278 1603

En Dining
Plaza Indonesia
Entertainment X’nter 2nd Floor
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 3199 0203

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