Koko Bogana

Whats better than having traditional Indonesian food close to the heart. This tiny restaurant located in Kebayoran is a comfy place for people to hang and just enjoy traditional Indonesian food. Not to mention at different times they’d have the “mba-mba” by the side serving the many different ranges of nasi and many Indonesian side dishes like tempe, tahu, etc. This place also offers a range of traditional snacks and this place is known for their “kue mangkoks.” Kue mangkoks are made out of brown sugar and this other ingredient which I’m not sure of but it tastes really good. I also tried a lot of the traditional ‘nasi,’ and ‘mie soto.’

Koko Bogana

Ok, lets cut to the chase, and let the pictures do the talking…

Signature dishes: Nasi Bogana, Nasi Kanoman, Nasi Kulo, Nasi Kuring, Nasi Pagongan, Nasi Rembang

Average Spending: Rp. 30,000 and above

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆

Koko Bogana
Jl. Cipaku 1 No. 2, Kabayoran Baru
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: 021 720 3754

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