Ketoprak Ciragil

20131226-221612.jpgOften times we think to ourselves, why am I spending a lot of money on just food and there are times when you think why are restaurants in the malls too overated. Well, this should be a new experience for you. Ketoprak Ciragil should be one of the things you put in your to-do list this weekend! Eventhough the place is not the first thing you would imagine but its “jajan-jalanan” or in other words, street food. We have to eat at the side of the road and there is no AC. The place is dirty, and because of that I ate my ketoprak inside my car. I honestly think the portion is tiny so I asked them to make it 1 and a half. I had to pay extra but its definitely worth it because the saus kacang mede (cashew nut sauce) is to-die-for. Its texture is very peanut-y and crunchy.

Ketoprak Ciragil has been in Jakarta since the late 90s and known to be one of the famous Ketoprak with the best cashew nut sauce among the Jakartans. Not only that, the ketoprak is complete with glass noodle, egg, tofu, rice cake (lontong), crackers (krupuk) and bean sprouts (toge).

Average Spending: Rp. 20,000.

Hygiene: ☆☆

Ketoprak Ciragil
Jl. Ciragil 2 No. 24 Blok Q
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021 57952342

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