CoCo Ichibanya



Another Japanese curry house has recently opened in Grand Indonesia Mall. It is dubbed as the no.1 selling curry in Japan and its true because the curry is so yummy. It is known to be the biggest curry franchise in the world and so I did not hesitate to try the one here in Jakarta. I’ve tasted the one in Thailand and it tastes similar, nothing was different and it was perfect. The outlet sells a wide range of curry and you can change their spicy level, and you can choose from a beef patty, chicken, to omelette and anything you want in your curry. You can also add additional toppings like cheese if you want. I honestly think the food was really nice and all but the pricing was a bit pricey. I ordered the beef hamburg and the beef was super tiny. Taste wise is really delicious but portion wise, not so much. If we compare the price to Go Go Curry in Citywalk, this one is double the price. One chicken katsu curry in Go Go Curry would only cost you 40k whilst here, it costs 70k.

Average Spending: Rp. 80,000

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Coco Ichibanya
Grand Indonesia, West Mall Level 3A
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Phone: 021 2358 0960

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