Ismaya Catering Co

20140228-230127.jpgIsmaya Catering Co offers a wide range of food from different countries: Indonesian, Mexican, American, Italian, you name it! I was fortunate enough to come and taste their new menu on February 26th. The food was amazing and going there was totally worth my time. Getting invited to eat at dinner with other food bloggers was a new experience for me and I had a lot of fun. If you’re thinking I’m just writing a good review for them because they gave me free food you are wrong. It was a superb dinner and it tasted great.



As starters we were served lychee refreshers to soothe our dry throats. Honestly, it tasted sweet and refreshing. Just the way I like it. Moving on to food, we were served Nachos with Beef Chili Con Carne (45k) and Mexican Cheese Quesadilla (48k). The Quesidilas was enjoyable however the Nachos were rather too sweet for me. Even so, the guacamole sauce and everything was blended together and everything in the dish provides unity and tasted amazing.




After that we moved on to try their main course, Nasi Goreng Kecombrang (45k), Soto Tangkar with Jasmine Rice (45k) and Double Trouble Spaghetti (65k). Even though it does not go well altogether, it was nice having different choices of food on the dinner table. You get to experience different food from different countries. The Nasi Goreng tasted wonderful. Eventhough it looks plain the flavor was tangy, nice and it was a unique mix flavors indeed. The Soto Tangkar tasted really nice. Kinda like the Soto Gebrak kuningan which I really like. I will be doing another review on this soon. It was full of flavors and I can taste the spices. And the Spaghetti was ultimately the best. Maybe, I just love pork skin, it was super crunchy and pork and pasta are both good combinations.


20140228-230051.jpgFor deserts we had Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (40k) and Singkong Belanda (32k). The Molten Lava Cake was nice, moist and when you cut it you can see the chocolate bursting out.  The Singkong was fried evenly and you can feel the crisp all through out. The caramel sauce on top also complements it well. Last but not least we also tried more refreshers and I think the watermelon is worth the try. Its super refreshing and even though I was super full I get to take more sips. All in all, thanks again to ISMAYA for inviting me to the dinner experience. It was great and I hope I can review more food from these restaurant branches.

20140228-230112.jpgRed Melon Berry Refresher (35k) & Virgin Apple Mojito (35k).

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Ismaya Catering Co. Cafe and Gallery
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town- West Mall, Level 5
Jl. M.H Thamrin No.1
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: 021 298 89256/7

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