Naka Nakaya

Naka Nakaya is another hidden gem found amongst other restaurants in Jakarta has to offer. This is the second best after Sumiya. Sumiya is also owned by the same owner. Its also located in STC Senayan and this place offers a variety of Bentos to choose from. Sashimi Bento set, Chicken Bento set, and etc. Price wise not so expensive and its the reasonable amount you want to spend your lunch money for and it is very fulfilling. I ate a bento set and that was already enough to fuel me up and not to eat dinner on that day.


Sashimi Bento


Row 1 (Left to Right): Gyoza x Sashimi Bento x Chicken Bento

Row 2 (Left to Right): Croquette x (Forgot the Name) Bento x (Forgot the Name) Kinda like chicken satay

Row 3 (Left to Right): Sashimi Bento x Potato Salad x Teriyaki

Average Spending: Rp. 100,000 and above

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Naka Nakaya

STC Senayan, Lantai Ground. Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: 021 57931751

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