Paradise Dynasty

I was invited to Paradise Dynasty to taste their new menu. Honestly, it was spectacular and I was amazed by the colorful Xiao Long Baos. Xiao Long Baos are steamed buns and inside them are chicken meat. They also have soup inside it, pretty impressive right? Although the colors varied I could not tell which one was which. All the colours tasted the same to me. Anyways it was a fun way to eat colorful stuff. The experience felt as if I were eating Chinese macaroons.


Secondly, we also tried the Yang Zhao Meatballs and the Fungus dish with mushrooms and peanuts. The meatballs were texture-y and you can taste the glorious juicy meat. The fungus was also pretty good. The name isn’t that nice to hear but fungus… has the perfect combination and hands down, it was enjoyable.



Thirdly, this has got to be my favourite. Fried Red Bean Pancake and the Deep Fried Prawns. I don’t normally like red bean because its red bean however when its deep fried, its toally different. Its lip smacking and the red bean paste has the perfect combination for my tongue. The prawn on the other hand tasted sweet and soury. I like how its still crispy yet its coated with the sauce.



Next, I had the Shanghai Soup. This was their new menu and honestly, it tasted more like a fusion dish for me. It reminded me of Japanese Ramen broth. Anyways it still had the warm aroma, and the nice feeling when you eat the soup. Worth the try.


Lastly, I ate the steamed buns. It was too cute to be eaten, anyhow I still ate it. Inside was like an egg filling and it tasted pretty tangy, sweet, salty, I don’t know how to describe it but it was the perfect combination. The steamed buns are called Black Widow and Hedgehog bun by the way.



Below is a picture of my friends and I. We sure had a great time visiting Paradise Dynasty and thanks to Groupon Indonesia for inviting us once again!


Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Paradise Dynasty
Plaza Senayan, Level 5
Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 57900146

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