Portico- Feastopia!

Portico had a recent event called Feastopia and I did not hesitate to go and try it with my friends. First I was under the impression of just a pretty so-so dish in Portico. Because when I went here a few years ago it did not occur to me that I would want to come back and eat here again. However it changed and I pretty much liked the food during the Feastopia event.


For the appetizer, I had the Ahi Poke Salad. It consist of Hawaiian Tuna Tartar with Edamame, Avocado & Cherry Tomatoes topped with Alfalfa Sprout. I liked the taste and it gives the fresh sort of feeling when you eat the salad.



For the main I hasted to order the Gindara Lemon butter. I liked how its not rubbery and very soft. Basically the Gindara is just pan seared and it has a few sauces on top and a mix of assorted veggies under it.


Lastly, the dessert was the main killer. I absolute love the Banoffie Pie in a Jar. The caramelized banana was just really good and I’m a big fan of chocolate.


I had a fun experience dining in Portico and loved the Feastopia dinner menu. They also had live music and the ambience was great overall. 🙂


Price Range: The dinner cost around 300k per person

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Portico Terrace Bistro
Senayan City (near the main lobby)
Jakarta, Indonesia

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