Bake and Dine with Breadlife!

20140709-141829-51509756.jpgLast week I was invited to an event by BBlog Indonesia and I was asked if I could come to Breadlife in Living World to taste the new edition to their fine selection of bread. I was very interested and I decided to join in with other fellow food bloggers. The experience was both fun and I got to decorate my own cake! How cool was that? Decorating my own cake was pretty hard as I am not an experiencde cook or even pastry chef or whatever you call it. But it turned out okay… I guess. You be the judge.


20140709-141829-51509973.jpgTo start off, we were given different selection of bread to taste and they introduced us their newest edition which was the Cheese and Chocolate Ball. The “Ball” part is inspired by the World Cup season and the bread won’t be here for long as they will only sell it for this certain period of time only. Apart from that, they also had Lebaran packages for those of you who celebrate Ramadhan and the packages seems pretty cool and affordable.



20140709-143137-52297227.jpgMoving on, we tasted two big trays of bread. I ate a lot and I think I tried almost every single bread there is in Breadlife today! Readers, I’m sorry but I got to admit that I’m such a pig (lol). My favorite one has got to be the cheese ring. I like how they have the melted cheese inside and the crusty cheese outside. It gives a perfect combination. Also the rugby ball bread has got to be my favorite and the tiger roll which also consists of cucumber inside! How unusual but I like the taste.

20140709-142220-51740472.jpgYum.. Chocolate Muffins!

20140709-142220-51740806.jpgThis is their Lemon Meringue Cake.20140709-142221-51741034.jpgThey have nuggets on their bread! 20140709-142220-51740362.jpgTastes super cheesy!20140709-142221-51741256.jpgThe classic strawberry shortcake…20140709-142220-51740922.jpgThis is the one I was talking about in the paragraph earlier! Cheese ring!20140709-142221-51741362.jpg


I also tried their new drinks and I tried the Green Tea frap. Honestly, it tasted pretty similar to the one I always have in Starbucks yet I think it had more whipped cream in it or maybe its slightly sweeter.


Last but not least, I’d like to thank Breadlife for inviting me to the event and Bblog Indonesia especially for everything!


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Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Living World, Ground Level.
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard
Phone:+62 21 29310659

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