Waku Waku Cafe

Although I am a big fan of Japanese food, I’ve never really tasted the food called “ochazuke” before I was introduced to it by Waku-Waku Cafe. Before this cafe opened in Gandaria City I came to their food tasting event where just a few bloggers were invited to test the food. We had a wonderful time discussing the taste, and what to be expected of the restaurant once it opens for business. “Ochazuke” is a term derived from a combination of the words Ocha + tzuke. We all know that Ocha means tea and a thing that mesmerised me is the idea of pouring tea over their food. Basically they introduced me to this Japanese dish where we have to pour the tea over the rice bowl- kind of like what the Westerners would do with their milk and cereal.

Tai Ochazuke



We were given three sets of Ochazuke. The first was the tai-ochazuke. It consists of raw snapper sashimi- however I guess when you pour the hot ochazuke it cooks the fish slightly. However I still think eating it raw is the best because you get to taste the different flavour it brings. They also serve wasabi, pickles, and cut seaweed by the side.

Salmon Ochazuke

Secondly, we were given the salmon or sake ochazuke. This dish is rather the typical steamed salmon we taste or can get anytime- but the slight twist of pouring ochazuke makes it yummier and just not your average kind of dish. The texture of the salmon is delicate and you get the nice feeling when you eat it.

Tempura Ochazuke


Thirdly we had the tempura ochazuke. Needless to say this has got to be my favourite because I love anything that is deep fried. Well you can say that it’s the typical and all tempuras are the same- yes I got to agree with that but tempura poured over hot ocha has to be relatively new and an interesting concept you guys have to try it out.



Another familiar dish they had was the “chirashi.” I got to say that I really love chirashi because it has all the sweet tuna sashimi and tamago (egg) all over the place. It’s like putting a variety of taste into your mouth and experiencing all sorts of flavour in just one bite. The sushi rice ties in the entire thing and makes the whole thing well made.

For desserts we had, the Matcha Shiratama Amnitsu, Shiki Oriori, Japanese Dorayaki, and mochi with red bean. The desserts all tasted great but my favourite has got to be the Matcha Shiratama Amnitsu because it has a combination of mochi by the side, red bean and matcha ice cream is my ultimate fave!

Matcha Shiratama Amnitsu


Japanese DorayakiIMG_0866.JPG

Mochi and Red BeanIMG_0865.JPG

Lastly, the ambience of the place sorts of bring you to feel as if you’re in Kyoto. With the TV panels put on the side showing nature and the greeneries they have there. And with the table setting of just sitting down on the floor makes it very unique.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Unfortunately, this restaurant will be opened only for two months- so hurry up and visit! Another thing is, their chef used to cook in the Japan embassy.


Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆

Price Range: IDR 50-100k


Waku-Waku Cafe
Gandaria City- Floor UG (Next to Churreria)
Jl. KH.M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Phone:+62 21 2900 8071

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