Ippudo Indonesia

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Preparation of the ramen back in the kitchen

Store Front

I was excited to finally get invited and try the Ippudo Ramen here in Indonesia. Ippudo has been my ultimate favourite ramen before it had opened here. Although its been around a year they’ve opened in Pacific Place, this was going to be my very first time to try their new menu, the Sapporo Chicken Ramen.

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The Chicken Ramen is only available here in Indonesia, and made due to high customer demand. Most of the Indonesian people here do not eat pork, so I guess that’s why they decided to change and bring a substitute.

The Sapporo Chicken ramen is served in a white bowl and a black spoon. They differentiate their utensils to cater to the non pork-eating crowd. The taste however did not disappoint. I loved it, but I did not love it as much as I loved the pork. The chicken meat was less juicier compared to the pork. I’m not saying it didn’t taste good, but I prefer the pork more than the chicken. But if you’re going for the chicken, I suggest you to order the spicy one because spicy goes better with chicken.

The Buta Ramen, or whats known as the pork, has a little bit more “oomph” in the taste, and definitely more delicious. The soup or broth is very strong and I love how when the yolk for the egg melts and it just gets mixed altogether. An explosion of flavours in every spoon.

Another fun fact I should note, their noodles are curvy. They are curvy because it is a perfect combination to be eaten with the minced meat. It will get stuck in one of the strands and easier to eat.

Lastly, we were given to try the Japanese Pannacota. This is a unique find and a must try. I don’t think you’ll ever find any kind of Pannacotta like this in Jakarta. The texture is somewhat like tofu, and it is not that sweet. As for the powder, I think it has a floss like texture and taste, and the entire thing just blends in very well. I liked it a lot.

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With the Japanese chef

Oh, and before I forget… Ippudo is hosting a contest giveaway. You can win a trip to Japan!
Here’s how:

“Untuk merayakan 30th Anniversary of IPPUDO, kami mewakili IPPUDO Indonesia ingin memberitahukan bahwa IPPUDO Indonesia sedang mengadakan kontes “My Ultimate Ramen Experience” dengan hadiah berupa 3D2N ke Tokyo GRATIS!

Pemenang akan menginap selama 3D2N di Tokyo, mengunjungi Ramen Museum, datang ke Annual Tokyo Ramen Show dan makan siang di salah satu store IPPUDO paling sibuk di Ginza, Tokyo.”

How To Join?

  1. Register data diri kamu di www.ultimateramenexperience.com
  2. Makan di storeIPPUDO dengan minimum pembelian Rp 150.000 per struk. Di dalam struk tersebut akan terdapat kode unik.
  3. Masukkan kode tersebut ke akun kamu di www.ultimateramenexperience.com
  4. Kumpulkan 3 kode untuk mendapatkan kesempatan memenangkan kontes ini.

Terms and Conditions:


Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆

Price Range: IDR 160k and above for two people


Ippudo Indonesia
Pacific Place, 5th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia 12190
Phone: (021) 57973339

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