Total Care

Hey guys I haven’t been talking much about food and restaurants but this post is a bit related to food (in a way).

A while ago, I stumbled upon this relatively new mouthwash called Total Care and I really want to share about this interesting find. Over the years I have been hiding my bad breath by chewing gum, but apparently chewing gum all the time gets super tiring… so when I found Total Care I was surprised that my mouth odor immediately disappears! Total Care makes my teeth feel clean and gives a fresh sensation that lasts for a long period of time. I feel very confident to put a smile on my face now that my breath smells good and gak minder kalau ketemu temen-temen setelah pakai mouthwash ini.


I also found out that the purple mouthwash from Total Care whitens your teeth! How cool is that? Ini feature yang sangat interesting as most mouthwash out there cuman freshens your breath and bukan whiten your teeth. I have been using the mouthwash for a few days now and emang it works sedikit-sedikit. Give it a try guys! I can see a bit of improvement from myself and I can clearly see all the yellow plaques from my teeth slowly fading away.

Another feature I love about Total Care Mouthwash is that it doesn’t contain any alcohol and is proven to be safe by the Halal MUI certificate. I researched online that most mouthwashes that contain alcohol usually hurts your gums and teeth as it makes your teeth feel “ngilu.” However, this mouthwash does not make your gums feel “ngilu,” and I am very happy after using Total Care. I feel super comfortable and will always have this fresh sensation everytime I use it.

This product also comes in four colors and each of them has its own speciality. It also comes in two different sizes. The small one comes in handy for traveling.

  • Blue (Cool mint)
  • Orange (Lemon Blast)
  • Green (Sensitive Teeth)
  • Purple (Sparkling White)

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Lastly, in December (2 Dec-31 Dec), Total Care is currently introducing a smile challenge competition. It is so easy and all you gotta do is upload a pict. of yourself smiling with the hashtage #SenyumTotalCare !! Gampang banget cuman upload foto kamu senyum terpedemu dan dapatkan hadiah keren.

The prices listed:

1st Winner: Go Pro Hero 4

2nd Winner: Samsung Galaxy A5

3rd Winner: Voucher Sodexo (worth 2 mill)

The following guideline picture is posted below…


For more information you can always check Total Care’s website at

Follow them at their social media pages!

Instagram – Twitter

Total Care Website


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