Ippudo Indonesia

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Preparation of the ramen back in the kitchen

Store Front

I was excited to finally get invited and try the Ippudo Ramen here in Indonesia. Ippudo has been my ultimate favourite ramen before it had opened here. Although its been around a year they’ve opened in Pacific Place, this was going to be my very first time to try their new menu, the Sapporo Chicken Ramen.

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The Chicken Ramen is only available here in Indonesia, and made due to high customer demand. Most of the Indonesian people here do not eat pork, so I guess that’s why they decided to change and bring a substitute.

The Sapporo Chicken ramen is served in a white bowl and a black spoon. They differentiate their utensils to cater to the non pork-eating crowd. The taste however did not disappoint. I loved it, but I did not love it as much as I loved the pork. The chicken meat was less juicier compared to the pork. I’m not saying it didn’t taste good, but I prefer the pork more than the chicken. But if you’re going for the chicken, I suggest you to order the spicy one because spicy goes better with chicken.

The Buta Ramen, or whats known as the pork, has a little bit more “oomph” in the taste, and definitely more delicious. The soup or broth is very strong and I love how when the yolk for the egg melts and it just gets mixed altogether. An explosion of flavours in every spoon.

Another fun fact I should note, their noodles are curvy. They are curvy because it is a perfect combination to be eaten with the minced meat. It will get stuck in one of the strands and easier to eat.

Lastly, we were given to try the Japanese Pannacota. This is a unique find and a must try. I don’t think you’ll ever find any kind of Pannacotta like this in Jakarta. The texture is somewhat like tofu, and it is not that sweet. As for the powder, I think it has a floss like texture and taste, and the entire thing just blends in very well. I liked it a lot.

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With the Japanese chef

Oh, and before I forget… Ippudo is hosting a contest giveaway. You can win a trip to Japan!
Here’s how:

“Untuk merayakan 30th Anniversary of IPPUDO, kami mewakili IPPUDO Indonesia ingin memberitahukan bahwa IPPUDO Indonesia sedang mengadakan kontes “My Ultimate Ramen Experience” dengan hadiah berupa 3D2N ke Tokyo GRATIS!

Pemenang akan menginap selama 3D2N di Tokyo, mengunjungi Ramen Museum, datang ke Annual Tokyo Ramen Show dan makan siang di salah satu store IPPUDO paling sibuk di Ginza, Tokyo.”

How To Join?

  1. Register data diri kamu di www.ultimateramenexperience.com
  2. Makan di storeIPPUDO dengan minimum pembelian Rp 150.000 per struk. Di dalam struk tersebut akan terdapat kode unik.
  3. Masukkan kode tersebut ke akun kamu di www.ultimateramenexperience.com
  4. Kumpulkan 3 kode untuk mendapatkan kesempatan memenangkan kontes ini.

Terms and Conditions:


Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆

Price Range: IDR 160k and above for two people


Ippudo Indonesia
Pacific Place, 5th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia 12190
Phone: (021) 57973339

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BAM! (Plaza Indonesia)

BAM! is a new franchise from Singapore brought to Indonesia. This unique restaurant features two types of cuisine that serves both Japanese and Spanish food.

I was amazed by the design and layout of the restaurant as I entered. The ceilings are decorated with geometric shapes and tables are finished with black top marbling.

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As for the food, it tastes pretty unique. I never had Japanese-Spanish food fused together. I’ve got to say, this restaurant knows how to tickle your tastebuds.
I was first served Pasta a la pancha, burrito with ricotta and truffle. This was an amazing entree. The smell is just wonderful. Truffle oil always smells the bomb. And the truffle was a bit crispy and pasta cooked to perfection.

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Pasta a la plancha, Burrata, Summer truffle (299 IDR) (+300 IDR with Saga Beef)

Pasta a la plancha, Burrata, Summer truffle (299 IDR) (+300 IDR with Saga Beef)

Secondly, the chef, Arturo Hernandez himself served the sotong to me. This is one of their favourite dishes in Singapore. Their baby sotong is tempura fried, and it is served with chorizo (a type of sausage) and egg that’s not cooked yet. A unique feature about this dish is you got to mix everything all together so the flavour would blend in.
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Kampon Egg, baby sotong, Chorizo (90 IDR)

The following dish was the Spanish prawns. These prawn heads were mashed so the sauce would come out. The sauce is then spread over the prawn’s body as a sauce. This is a unique dish you should not miss when you try the restaurant.

Spanish Prawn “Carabinero”, Rosemary, Lime (299 IDR)

Spanish Prawn “Carabinero”, Rosemary, Lime (299 IDR)

Spanish Prawn “Carabinero”, Rosemary, Lime (299 IDR)

To finish filling in my belly after 4 dishes I had the beef tongue and the paella. The beef tongue was rich in texture and it was all kinds of delicious! The tartar sauce really complements the beef tongue as the meat itself was tender and not hard at all. The paella, is an explosion of flavours, a bit spicy, and I am not sure what makes it tasty but it might be the soft shell crab because I have a soft spot for it. The crunchiness of the soft shell crab mixed with the paella rice and all the other attributes make it very delicious.

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Beef tongue, tart sauce, citrus (150 IDR)

Beef tongue, tart sauce, citrus (150 IDR)

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Seafood Paella (350 IDR for 2 pax, 700 IDR for 4 pax)

Seafood Paella (350 IDR for 2 pax, 700 IDR for 4 pax)

And finally, I had the churros for desserts. The texture for the churros is a 9/10 and the I especially love the dark chocolate sauce that complements the dish.

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I definitely recommend people to try the food here. However, this is not your go to daily restaurant food. Its more for a special occasion like a dinner or something like a birthday.

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆

Price Range: IDR 400k and above for two people


Bam Tapas- Sake Bar
Plaza Indonesia, 3rd Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin

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Waku Waku Cafe

Although I am a big fan of Japanese food, I’ve never really tasted the food called “ochazuke” before I was introduced to it by Waku-Waku Cafe. Before this cafe opened in Gandaria City I came to their food tasting event where just a few bloggers were invited to test the food. We had a wonderful time discussing the taste, and what to be expected of the restaurant once it opens for business. “Ochazuke” is a term derived from a combination of the words Ocha + tzuke. We all know that Ocha means tea and a thing that mesmerised me is the idea of pouring tea over their food. Basically they introduced me to this Japanese dish where we have to pour the tea over the rice bowl- kind of like what the Westerners would do with their milk and cereal.

Tai Ochazuke



We were given three sets of Ochazuke. The first was the tai-ochazuke. It consists of raw snapper sashimi- however I guess when you pour the hot ochazuke it cooks the fish slightly. However I still think eating it raw is the best because you get to taste the different flavour it brings. They also serve wasabi, pickles, and cut seaweed by the side.

Salmon Ochazuke

Secondly, we were given the salmon or sake ochazuke. This dish is rather the typical steamed salmon we taste or can get anytime- but the slight twist of pouring ochazuke makes it yummier and just not your average kind of dish. The texture of the salmon is delicate and you get the nice feeling when you eat it.

Tempura Ochazuke


Thirdly we had the tempura ochazuke. Needless to say this has got to be my favourite because I love anything that is deep fried. Well you can say that it’s the typical and all tempuras are the same- yes I got to agree with that but tempura poured over hot ocha has to be relatively new and an interesting concept you guys have to try it out.



Another familiar dish they had was the “chirashi.” I got to say that I really love chirashi because it has all the sweet tuna sashimi and tamago (egg) all over the place. It’s like putting a variety of taste into your mouth and experiencing all sorts of flavour in just one bite. The sushi rice ties in the entire thing and makes the whole thing well made.

For desserts we had, the Matcha Shiratama Amnitsu, Shiki Oriori, Japanese Dorayaki, and mochi with red bean. The desserts all tasted great but my favourite has got to be the Matcha Shiratama Amnitsu because it has a combination of mochi by the side, red bean and matcha ice cream is my ultimate fave!

Matcha Shiratama Amnitsu


Japanese DorayakiIMG_0866.JPG

Mochi and Red BeanIMG_0865.JPG

Lastly, the ambience of the place sorts of bring you to feel as if you’re in Kyoto. With the TV panels put on the side showing nature and the greeneries they have there. And with the table setting of just sitting down on the floor makes it very unique.

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Unfortunately, this restaurant will be opened only for two months- so hurry up and visit! Another thing is, their chef used to cook in the Japan embassy.


Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆

Price Range: IDR 50-100k


Waku-Waku Cafe
Gandaria City- Floor UG (Next to Churreria)
Jl. KH.M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Phone:+62 21 2900 8071

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Waku-Waku Cafe (Restaurant Opening)

Here are some pictures from my experience dining at Waku-Waku Cafe, Gandaria City…


A week ago Waku-Waku hosted a big event and a lot of named Indonesian artists came and perform. I did not get to see them but there were a few booth vendors that we could visit. We could get chances to win 30% discount vouchers and a lot of cool Japanese goodies. I also got a chance to win a free chicken karage!


While I was there I just had to order the tempura ochazuke again because it has become my ultimate favourite. These special Japanese cake also intrigued me and it tasted rather unique. Sweet and delicious!





Bistronomy is one of the most unique restaurants in Jakarta I should say. There are not many with a rustique concept for restaurant like this. I think if you want or looking for something different and a place to take pictures this should be the place. For those of you who like to Instagram pictures of restaurants I should say this should be perfect! I am so drawn into the place because the decor especially and the tiny details were just very attractive. Despite the taste of the food was just so-so, the ambience of the restaurant was really chill and it has a nice atmosphere. The interior was very well decorated even at the toilets. The table setting, staff was super friendly.


20140322-215647.jpgCalifornia Roll.20140322-215657.jpgLamb chop.20140322-215704.jpg20140322-215712.jpg20140322-215720.jpg20140322-215726.jpg

20140322-215732.jpgHotdog.20140322-215738.jpgSpaghetti Aglio Olio.20140322-215744.jpg

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Bistronomy Jakarta
Jalan Ciniru 1 No. 2
Kebayoran Baru
Phone: 021 7396655

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Kintan Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant

Big congratulations to the Dining Innovation group for enriching the Japanese culinary scene in Indonesia through the opening of Kintan Restaurant. I have to say that this restaurant offers the best Yakiniku in Jakarta and this is not a lie because I went there personally and they’ve proved to me that they are the best. Their fine selection of meat is just fantastic and uber fresh! Marbling was just perfect, and for you meat lovers and meat experts you’d know what good quality meat looks like and judging by the picture below its pretty awesome! The taste was also spectacular- juicy, and tender.


This is the Manpuku Yakiniku Set. It consists of Jou Kalbi, Yaki Shabu Kalbi, Gyu Tan, Rosu, Harami.


Above and below is a picture of their Wagyu Rosu and Sirloin. Top selections and excellent marbling!


They serve their meat with three simple sauces. They call it their Addictive Free Soy Sauce, Lemon Sauce and Miso Sauce. The Japanese Chef taught us to put the Lemon Sauce on the Beef Tongue meat before you barbecue them just to add zest to the flavour.



In Kintan, they are very proud of their premium quality meat and of course their utensils are top notch. The tongs are customised and their griller is very special. They emphasize on how customers can freely cook their yakiniku beef using their suitable rosterin on every tables. The cook level can be varied to your individual liking.


Their meat is also known to be healthy and nutritious because they select them carefully and it’s okay to eat the fatty parts because their cows are special (wagyu meat).


Last but not least, this is the ‘surprise’ menu. Kintan Restaurant calls this the Surprise Hormone. This is the cow’s intestine. It is super long, chewy and tastes surprising! For those of you who like surprises this is the kind of food you’d want to order. I was scared to eat it at first but I took a bite and it exploded with different flavours. It is worth the try.



“Kintan is a restaurant that is not only serving a reasonable price meat to the customers but also introducing the spirit of Japanese service as one of the Japanese Food Culture that Japan is proud of.”

Thanks again to Kintan Restaurant and shout out to BBlog Indonesia for inviting me to this food tasting event. It was worth my time and I filled my belly with really good meat. I will be looking forward and will be coming back for sure!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.20.36 PM


Above here, is a picture of me with their Japanese Chef from Kintan and another picture with other fellow food/fashion bloggers.



Pacific Place, 5th Floor (Near Pancious)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 5797 3250




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Naka Nakaya

Naka Nakaya is another hidden gem found amongst other restaurants in Jakarta has to offer. This is the second best after Sumiya. Sumiya is also owned by the same owner. Its also located in STC Senayan and this place offers a variety of Bentos to choose from. Sashimi Bento set, Chicken Bento set, and etc. Price wise not so expensive and its the reasonable amount you want to spend your lunch money for and it is very fulfilling. I ate a bento set and that was already enough to fuel me up and not to eat dinner on that day.


Sashimi Bento


Row 1 (Left to Right): Gyoza x Sashimi Bento x Chicken Bento

Row 2 (Left to Right): Croquette x (Forgot the Name) Bento x (Forgot the Name) Kinda like chicken satay

Row 3 (Left to Right): Sashimi Bento x Potato Salad x Teriyaki

Average Spending: Rp. 100,000 and above

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


Naka Nakaya

STC Senayan, Lantai Ground. Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: 021 57931751

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