La Hoya Comida Mexicana


In Jakarta, there aren’t many Mexican restaurants out there and what seems to be relatively new is this Mexican restaurant in Gandaria City- La Hoya! La Hoya is another great creation from the group that own restaurants like Seribu Rasa, Penang Bistro and Tatsuya.



The overall ambience of the place seems to have a good vibe. I loved the interior design and especially the cactus planetarium they put on each tables. They are the cutest thing ever and whats better to put than cactuses. When I think of cactuses I think of Mexico and their traditional big hats. The decor of tiles, and the fountain adds a touch of Mexico and it felt cozy. They also had a play in colours, there were a lot of yellow and browns.


Los Nachos/ Tortilla Chips (58k)

Now, lets get to the food. The first thing we ordered was the nachos. Portion wise, it looks so big and the first thing that came out to my mind; how am I going to finish this. But in the end, it was finished- clean, and the thing sparkled. Nachos were crispy, cheddar cheese oozing, the olives and guacamole seem to fuse all the flavours together with the chopped tomatoes, jalapeño pickles, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo- perfect.
  Las Quesadilas/ Cheese filled tortilla (55k)
Yum is the first word that came out of my mouth when I first saw this. Tortilla mixed with cheese in the inside and guacamole  & sour cream served by the side. Oh, and guess what I was told that they make some of their tortillas from scratch! How cool is that.
Enchiladas Grincas/ Fried Burrito (60k)
This dish consists of a deep fried burrito conjured up in one whole thing with juicy beef and this savoury mexican red rice and sautéed mix of bell peppers and garnish with a light salad. They also give you options to choose from chicken or beef. I picked the beef and you can pick your own sauce- salsa rona or salsa verde. I picked salsa verde and as you can see from the picture the green colour evokes fresh flavour from the burrito.
Taco de Camaron/ Shrimp Taco (69k)
This is my ultimate favourite. This soft taco filled with cajun style shrimp sautéed in butter and then garnished with pico de gallo, crunchy cabbage and lettuce will literally bring your tastebuds dancing! The shrimp was fresh and this is not to be missed!
Taco de Barbacoa (73k)
This crispy taco filled with pulled beef and beef chorizo and many others also tasted great but still nothing beats the shrimp tacos I had before.

For desserts we had El Delicado, the Sponge Cake, and Churros.


El Delicado/ Frozen Basil Cream (37k)
The El Delicado was an interesting dish for me. The sauce seemed like chocolate at first but strangely enough- it was basil. The thing that looks like an ice cream, is not an ice cream. It is parfait and it is drizzled with basil sauce, some pistachio crumble and a whole strawberry. It tastes really light and its the perfect dessert to round your meal off. The smell was really pleasing and the taste was just a mix of explosions in your mouth. You can taste the saltiness from the pistachio crumbles, sweet, light texture from the parfait and basil like taste.
 Pastel De Tres Leches/Sponge Cake (35k)
I could not stop eating this. What I like about the cake is that it doesn’t make you full! It makes you want to eat more and it tastes pretty much like milk. I love the watery texture as well as the fluffiness of the mix of mocha with coconut flavours.


Churros (33k)
I love the churros. Not only is it light but the texture was just right. It was crispy, and succulent.

Before I forget, I ordered this unique signature drink. I forgot what it was called but it was this milk and rice drink. Here’s a picture below. The ingredients from the drink just complements each other very well. I also ordered their mojito drink and it tasted quite refreshing.



I gotta say, this restaurant brings my mood up and made me hungry. The taste of the food is indeed suited to our Indonesian tongue and I would definitely come back for more! Oh and some tip, while I was there they told me you could ask for Tobasco. And this is not the normal Tobasco but the green one. it seems pretty interesting because we don’t often find the green ones available in most restaurants in Jakarta.
Lastly, I would like to thank La Hoya for the delicious meal and for inviting me to taste and meet the chef personally. The service was really good as the food came out fast and the people there were super helpful.

Hygiene: ☆☆☆☆☆


La Hoya Comida Mexicana
Gandaria City- Mainstreet Dining Level G Unit MG 31-32
Jl. KH.M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Phone:+62 21 29236458

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